Arnhalt Transport provides truck brokerage services to all qualified carriers and shippers to provide freight loads and truck capacity throughout all 48 continuous states in the United States including Alaska, Canada and Mexico. Arnhalt is an established leader in trucking and a truckload carrier that is asset based with company owned equipment that includes truck capacity and load capacity for vans (semi-trailer), flatbeds, stepdecks, reefers (refrigerated) and oversize trailers or loads. All the while maintaining and preserving relationships with thousands of qualified carriers.
Arnhalt is known for honesty, efficiency, effectiveness, reliability and providing prompt carrier payments. We are proud of our reputation and work hard every day to preserve it.

Below Arnhalt Transport outlines the Benefits to Shippers and the Benefits to Carriers.

Advantages for Shippers


• Responsible: Arnhalt takes full responsibility for the services we provide and manage for you.
• Resolution: When failures happen, Arnhalt communicates with all parties, with urgency to minimize disruptions and always determine the winning solution
• Reputation: Arnhalt takes great pride in their reputation and operates from these core company values to preserve and maintain all our relationships.

Equipment Capacity

• Relationships: Arnhalt has relationships with thousands of carriers throughout the 48 Contiguous States in the United States including Alaska, Canada and Mexico.
• Capacity: Arnhalt, can increase the truck capacity for seasonal demands, or even for unforeseen need for large shipments, due to rapid company growth or an unexpectedly big order.
• On-Call/On-Demand: Arnhalt offers short-notice capacity when an interruption occurs due to unforeseen circumstances, such as disruptions, weather or even worker illness.

Risk Management

• Rigorous: All of Arnhalt carrier partners must pass a stringent carrier due diligence process to be accepted as a partner that represents the Arnhalt Transport reputation.
• Regulate: At Arnhalt, we monitor all our carrier partners are compliant with the highest industry standards for insurance and safety, to ensure that our shipping customers are not exposed to any unwarranted risk.
• Insured: Arnhalt has a $75,000 Broker Bond to protect our shippers and motor carriers; and to uphold the Arnhalt reputation.

Pricing Options

• Contract and Sole-Source Pricing
o Arnhalt offers fixed rates and/or specific service lanes with committed capacity and capability
o Shippers are assigned to either one of our specialists or to a team of specialists that are knowledgeable, friendly and accountable to you and will know and manage all your requirements.
• Spot Pricing
o Market rates with available-equipment capacity, sourced from thousands of our carrier partners.

Maximized Service, Minimized Costs

• Reliability: At Arnhalt, our experience with providing reliable, efficient and safe logistics services ensures your freight is delivered to your specifications and standards.
• Support: Arnhalt’s account specialists are here to provide support for all our shippers by listening to your needs and requirements, and determining the best possible solution for you.
• Experience: With having three decades of operational and market knowledge, Arnhalt knows how to deliver your freight on time, and at competitive rates in the market.

Payment Simplicity

• Streamlined: At Arnhalt, we streamlined the payment process for all our shippers, you pay us and we pay the carrier.


Advantages for Carriers

Guaranteed Pay

• Responsible: At Arnhalt, we take care of our carriers, and credit risk is our responsibility, not yours.
• Prompt Payment: Arnhalt will pay you within 7 days of receipt of your invoice, regardless if we collected from our customer or not yet. Your settlement is based on clean proof of delivery.
• Terminal Payment: Arnhalt offers and will issue immediate terminal pay for small discount.
• History: Arnhalt’s credit history alone fully supports our guaranteed payment, along with our reputation.

Available Freight

• Capacity: With Arnhalt’s relationships with thousands of shippers. Arnhalt consistently has substantial freight volume available for all our qualified carriers, regardless of carrier size. That’s Arnhalt’s reputation in action.
• Capability: Arnhalt is able to provide consistent freight volumes with offering short-notice capacity ensuring the likelihood that our carriers will have consistent opportunities for work/orders.

Market Knowledge

• Experience: Arnhalt has been a broker for over three decades now, since 1986. With this experience, we know the operations of the market and apply that knowledge to all the factors, like rate negotiations, to ensure our shippers and carriers are in the most beneficial situation for all to succeed.
• Competence: Arnhalt never puts are carriers in a position of loss, with knowing the factors that affect the market we strive to ensure that all our carriers are taken care of and provided for with all our contracts.

Increase Revenue & Generate Miles

• Asset-Based: Arnhalt provides freight for vans (semi-trailer), flatbeds, stepdecks, reefers (refrigerated), bulk hopper, removable goose neck (RGN) and oversize trailers or load carriers throughout the 48 Contiguous States in the United States including Alaska, Canada and Mexico, since 1988.
• Eliminate Costs: At Arnhalt, you can gain all the rewards with generating miles and increasing revenue, without the overhead costs of your own operations.

Positive Partner Relationships

• Reputation: At Arnhalt, we value “The Golden Rule” as our reputation is for honesty, efficiency, effectiveness, reliability, and respect.
• Morals: We value win-win partner relationships
• Insured: Arnhalt has a $75,000 Broker Bond to protect our carriers; and to uphold the Arnhalt reputation.

Becoming a Carrier

To become a qualified carrier with Arnhalt Transport, Inc., we need the following:
• A Certificate of Insurance naming Arnhalt Transport, Inc. as certificate holder and as Additional Insured Broker
• A copy of your FMCSA carrier operating authority
• A copy of your FMCSA Carrier Safety Rating, including DOT number
• A signed Carrier-Broker Agreement
• A current completed IRS Form W-9
• A copy of your current CSA – ISS Number